Episode 1- Coach Dan Pfaff and Dr. Olav Krigolson

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Our guests this week are Coach Dan Pfaff and Dr. Olav Krigolson. Coach Pfaff is one of the all-time great coaches. His background is from track and field, but he has coached athletes from a broad variety of sports.

Coach Dan Pfaff has coached 49 Olympians including Gold Medallist’s Donovan Bailey and Greg Rutherford, 51 World Championship competitors (including nine medalists), and five world-record holders. He has directed athletes to 57 national records across a multitude of events.

Dan has served on 10 Summer and 5 Winter Olympic coaching staffs for five different countries and nine World Championships staffs for six different countries. He coached 29 NCAA individual national champions and 150 All-Americans, and has been a lead staff member on teams that have won 17 NCAA National Team Championships, fifteen women and two men.

I was struck by Coach Pfaff’s thoughtfulness, humility and the ways he uses a flexible framework of planning and execution to help athletes achieve world leading performance.

Dr. Olav Krigolson is unique in the world of academics because he is able to translate extremely complex ideas and theories into clear and simple language which makes them easily transferable into real-world actions.

Dr. Krigolson is an associate professor of neuroeconomics at the University of Victoria in Canada. He studies learning and decision-making. He received his PhD from the University of Victoria in 2007. He also has a Master’s of Science in Motor Learning and Control.

Prior to his academic career, he spent time coaching and teaching PE. He is the Principal Investigator at the Krigolson Lab, The Theoretical and Applied Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Victoria. The Krigolson Lab is currently conducting research for the NASA mission to Mars.

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