Episode 3-Remote Coaching with Ryan Carroll and Dirk Friel

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Our guests this week are Ryan Carroll from BridgeAthletic.com and Dirk Friel from TrainingPeaks.com. This episode is a bit different from the typical format, in that, we are talking to two subject matter experts about a specific topic. Many coaches are right now trying to navigate their way through the challenges of coaching their athletes remotely because of the COVID-19 virus.

BridgeAthletic is one of the most robust strength and conditioning training platforms available. BridgeAthletic is used throughout the NCAA and professional sports to program, track and manage S&C training in team and group environments. TrainingPeaks is the global leader in endurance training programming and delivery. It is the “go to” solution for coaches and athletes in sports such as triathlon, cycling and running.

The goal with these conversations is to help provide a framework for coaches to develop their own system for coaching remotely. There are a lot of common ideas and best practices that both Ryan and Dirk share. I also believe that there is a lot of value to help coaches think about how to organize and deliver their program, even when we return to a normal coach-athlete training environment.

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